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Personal & House Hold 

Relocating your personal and household belongings, whether it's across the country or to another country, demands meticulous planning and reliable support. At Kwick Kargo, we specialize in providing seamless, stress-free shipping & logistics services to cater to your unique needs. Our experienced team ensures that your cherished possessions are carefully transported and delivered to your new destination with utmost care and efficiency. From coordinating logistics to handling customs procedures for international moves, we've got you covered every step of the way. Choose us for a smooth transition and a fresh start in your new space, both near and far.

Alexa Young, CA

Kwick Kargo made shipping my house hold effortless. Their express service ensured timely delivery, and their attention to detail impressed me. I highly recommend Kwick Kargo for their efficient and reliable shipping solutions."

Morgan James, NY

Choosing Kwick Kargo was a game-changer for me. Their premium Full Truck shipping service was fast, and my belongings arrived in perfect condition. I'm impressed by their professionalism and highly satisfied with the experience.

Lisa Driver, MI

Kwick Kargo's LTL freight service exceeded my expectations. Not only did they handle my personal effects with care, but the cost-effectiveness of their solution was a pleasant surprise. I'm thrilled with the value I received and highly recommend their services.

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Experience swift, premium shipping for your personal effects with Kwick Kargo. Benefit from faster transit times and priority handling. Consider factors like value, urgency, and customs regulations. Request a quote from us for a seamless shipping process.

Shipping Personal & House Hold 

Moving Day

Shipping personal effects refers to the process of transporting an individual's belongings, possessions, and items from one location to another, typically across a significant distance. This is often done when someone is moving to a new residence, whether it's within the same country or internationally. Shipping personal effects involves packing, transporting, and delivering these belongings to the new location.


Packing: The first step is to carefully pack the personal belongings into boxes, crates, or other suitable containers. Items should be wrapped securely to prevent damage during transit. It is recommended that items should be secured on a pallet if packed in boxes for swift handling. 

Documentation: Depending on the destination and the shipping method, you might need to provide documentation such as an inventory list of the items being shipped, a packing list, and any necessary customs forms or declarations.


Shipping Method: There are various shipping methods available for sending personal effects. These include sea freight (container shipping), air freight, and land freight (trucking). The choice of method depends on factors like budget, speed, and the size/quantity of items being shipped.


Customs Clearance: When shipping across international borders, customs clearance is a crucial step. This

involves providing the necessary paperwork, paying any applicable duties or taxes, and complying with import regulations of the destination country.


Transport and Delivery: Once the items clear customs, they are transported to the destination address. The shipping company will arrange for delivery based on the chosen shipping method.

Type of Shipping

There are several modes of shipping available for transporting personal effects, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and considerations. The choice of shipping method depends on factors such as budget, urgency, the quantity of items, destination, and any specific requirements you might have. Here are some common modes of shipping for personal effects:

Land Freight (Trucking)

Trucks can transport personal effects overland, especially when covering shorter distances or for cross-border transportation. This method provides flexibility regarding both pickup and delivery locations, with the convenience of doorstep pickup. It is a suitable choice for moves within a region or across a continent. It's important to note that customs clearance might be necessary at border crossings, as is the case when shipping between countries like Canada and Mexico.


Depending on your needs, you can opt for a Full Truck Load (FTL) if you have enough items to fill a truck, or a Less than Truckload (LTL) option if you're sharing truck space. For LTL, items are typically secured on a pallet or crated to ensure easy handling. Additional services are available, including the provision of pallet jacks and liftgates, as well as inside pickup and delivery. Appointments and notifications can also be arranged for the time of delivery.

Sea Freight

In this approach, your personal belongings are carefully placed within containers that are subsequently loaded onto cargo ships. It proves to be the ideal choice when dealing with substantial quantities of items or when prioritizing cost considerations. Although it tends to be slower than air freight, it often brings about greater cost efficiency.

This method presents a variety of container sizes to choose from. For those who need the entire container space, there's the Full Container Load (FCL) option, while the Less than Container Load (LCL) alternative caters to shared container space. The latter choice requires items to be packed securely within crates. It's a popular solution for international relocations and situations where a considerable volume of possessions needs to be transported.

Air Freight

This method encompasses the transportation of personal effects via air travel, resulting in swifter delivery and catering well to time-sensitive shipments. While it tends to come at a higher cost in comparison to sea freight, it's particularly well-suited for conveying smaller quantities of valuable items or belongings that require immediate attention. It's commonly chosen when there's a need for rapid relocation or for efficiently transporting essential items during international journeys.

Expediated Services

Some companies offer express or premium shipping services for personal effects. Offers faster transit times and priority handling. When choosing a mode of shipping for your personal effects, consider factors such as the value and urgency of your belongings, your budget, customs regulations at the destination, and any additional services you might need, such as packing and insurance. It's important to research and compare different shipping options, obtain quotes, and work with reputable shipping companies to ensure a smooth and successful shipping process for your personal effects.

Packing Supplies 

There are various types of packaging materials you can use to protect your personal effects and household items during shipping or moving. Here are some common types of packaging materials.

Transport Packaging

  • Crates

  • Pallets

Outer Packaging

  • Boxes

  • Blanket Wrap / Moving Blanket

Inner Packaging

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Packing Paper

  • Foam Sheets / Foam Rolls

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Plastic Covers

  • Corner Protectors

  • Edge Protectors

  • Small Custom Crates for Delicate items

  • Silica Get Packs

  • Foam inserts

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