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How it Works

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The Kwick Quote System stands as a highly advanced rate engine meticulously crafted by the experts at Kwick Kargo. Its primary purpose is to revolutionize and streamline the typically intricate task of procuring precise cost estimations for shipping services. Functioning as an innovative online platform, this system has been ingeniously devised to cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses. Its core function revolves around offering rapid, lucid, and customized quotations, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of those seeking to transport their goods to a multitude of locations.

How it Works?

The Kwick Quote System is a proprietary rating engine system, ingeniously designed by Kwick Kargo. It operates on a sophisticated algorithm that simplifies and enhances the process of obtaining accurate cost estimates for shipping services. This online platform has been meticulously crafted to swiftly deliver transparent and customized quotes, precisely suited to the specific shipping requirements of individuals and businesses, spanning various destinations across United States & worldwide.

Input Details:

Users are prompted to input a comprehensive set of specifics, concerning their intended shipment. This includes crucial data such as the dimensions, weight, ultimate destination, and any specialized prerequisites associated with their items.


Complex Computational Logic:

Employing an intricately designed algorithm, the system undertakes a multifaceted calculation process. This calculation takes into account a myriad of variables, spanning from geographical distance to the physical dimensions and weight of the package, as well as the preferred shipping method and any supplementary services desired.


Instant Quote Generation:

In a matter of mere seconds, the system efficiently generates a meticulously aggregated quote. This quote presents an estimated numerical value resulting from a comprehensive calculation of all incurred expenses. This process serves to elucidate the precise contribution of each individual component to the cumulative total.

Customization at Your Fingertips:

The Kwick Quote System frequently presents users with a spectrum of shipping alternatives, each characterized by distinct delivery timeframes and levels of service. This versatility empowers users to select an option that harmonizes best with their distinct requisites.


Adjustments and Green Light:

Users are afforded the opportunity to thoroughly review the quote and fine-tune any pertinent shipment details. Upon achieving a satisfactory configuration, they can proceed to confirm their acceptance of the quote, subsequently advancing to the subsequent stages of the booking process.

Seamlessly Integrated Online Payment:

In many instances, once the booking is confirmed, the Kwick Quote System seamlessly integrates with a secure online payment platform. This facilitation ensures an expeditious and secure mechanism for users to effectuate their payments.

Booking Culmination:

With the successful completion of the payment process, the booking is solidified, and the user's consignment is seamlessly assimilated into the predetermined shipping schedule. This marks the inception of the logistical and preparatory stages required for the safe and efficient conveyance of the entrusted items.


Real-time Monitoring and Support:

Throughout the journey, users are frequently afforded the capability to avail themselves of real-time tracking services meticulously provided by Kwick Kargo. Additionally, the system extends comprehensive customer support to adeptly address and resolve any inquiries or concerns.


In summation, the Kwick Quote System deftly redefines the conventional procedure of soliciting shipping estimates, imbuing it with an aura of automation, transparency, and individualization. Its primary objective is to empower users to make astute and informed decisions in their pursuit of optimal shipping solutions, ultimately culminating in a more streamlined, reliable, and gratifying shipping experience.

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