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Chargeback Policy

Chargeback Policy

Effective Date: 1 Aug 2023

A chargeback occurs when a payment made to Kwick Kargo is disputed by the payer's financial institution. We take chargebacks seriously and aim to provide a clear process for handling them.

  1. Contact Us First: If you have concerns about a transaction or a charge on your account, please reach out to our customer support team before initiating a chargeback. We are here to assist you and find a satisfactory resolution.

  2. Understanding Chargebacks: If you're considering a chargeback, it's important to understand that it should be used as a last resort. Chargebacks should be initiated only when you believe the charge is unauthorized, the product/service was not received.

  3. Communication is Key: Our team is available to address any concerns or disputes. Communication is essential, and we encourage you to work with us to resolve any issues before resorting to a chargeback.

  4. Unauthorized Transactions: If you believe a charge on your account was unauthorized, we take this seriously. Contact us immediately so that we can investigate and take appropriate actions.

  5. Service Not Received: If you did not receive the service you paid for, let us know. We will work to resolve the issue, which may involve a refund or alternative solution.

  6. Quality or Performance Issues: If you have concerns about the quality or performance of a service, contact us to discuss the issue. We aim to ensure that our services meet your expectations.

  7. Initiating a Chargeback: If, after communication with us, you still wish to proceed with a chargeback, please follow the guidelines of your financial institution. Keep in mind that filing an unjustified or fraudulent chargeback is not ethical and can have legal consequences.

  8. Possible Account Suspension: Repeated unjustified chargebacks may result in the suspension or termination of your Kwick Kargo account. We encourage open dialogue to prevent unnecessary disputes.

  9. Chargeback Investigation: When a chargeback is initiated, we will cooperate fully with the investigation. This may involve providing relevant information and documentation to support our side of the transaction.

  10. Fair Resolution: Our aim is to achieve fair and reasonable resolutions for all parties involved. We believe that open communication and cooperation are essential to resolving any disputes.

  11. Taking Legal Action for Chargebacks: If a chargeback dispute cannot be resolved through communication or negotiation, Kwick Kargo may need to take legal steps to address the situation. This might involve pursuing legal actions to recover the disputed funds and to protect our rights and interests. We hope to avoid such situations by working together, but sometimes legal action becomes necessary to resolve the matter.


Remember that chargebacks have serious implications and can impact both parties involved. We encourage you to communicate with us first to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Imagine you made a payment to Kwick Kargo, but then your bank or credit card company disagrees with the payment for some reason. This situation is called a chargeback. At Kwick Kargo, we want you to know that we treat chargebacks seriously and have a clear plan for dealing with them.

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