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Missed Pickup and Delivery Policy

Missed Pickup and Delivery Policy

Effective Date: 1 Aug 2023

At Kwick Kargo, we recognize the critical role that timely pickups and deliveries play in the seamless movement of shipments. Our Missed Pickup and Delivery Policy provides a comprehensive framework for addressing situations in which scheduled pickups or deliveries are not successfully completed as planned. This policy is designed to ensure transparency, effective communication, and appropriate resolution in the event of such occurrences.

  1. Missed Pickup: In the unfortunate event of a missed pickup, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond your control, it is essential to promptly inform our customer support team. This enables us to assess the situation and take necessary measures to reschedule the pickup at the earliest feasible time slot. While we strive to accommodate rescheduling requests, it's important to note that missed pickups can potentially result in delays in the shipping process. If multiple pickup attempts are unsuccessful, additional charges for dry run or TONU may apply,

  2. Missed Delivery: Should a delivery be missed due to circumstances such as the recipient's unavailability, we adhere to the carrier's delivery policies and procedures. If multiple delivery attempts are unsuccessful, additional charges for storage or return may apply, based on the terms and conditions set by the carrier.

  3. Responsibilities and Accurate Information: Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of pickup and delivery details during the booking process is pivotal to avoiding missed pickups or deliveries. Providing precise addresses, contact information, and any specific delivery instructions aids in the successful execution of shipments. Moreover, ensuring that the pickup location is easily accessible and the recipient is available within the designated delivery window can help prevent delays.

  4. Effective Communication: We value open communication with our customers. If there are any foreseen changes or disruptions that could potentially impact the pickup or delivery, it is highly recommended to inform us as soon as possible. This proactive approach allows us to adjust schedules accordingly, thereby minimizing any potential disruptions to your shipping timeline.

  5. Refunds and Additional Charges: Refunds for missed pickups or deliveries may be applicable in cases where the failure is attributed to factors within our control. However, if missed pickups or deliveries are a result of inaccurate information provided by the shipper or recipient unavailability, additional charges may be incurred.

We are committed to providing reliable and efficient pickup and delivery services. Our Missed Pickup and Delivery Policy underscores our dedication to resolving such instances in a fair and efficient manner. For any inquiries or concerns pertaining to missed pickups or deliveries, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you.

Hey there! We understand how important it is for your shipments to be picked up and delivered on time. Our Missed Pickup and Delivery Policy explains what we do if there's a problem with that. We want you to know how we handle it and what we do to fix things if a pickup or delivery can't happen as expected. This policy is all about keeping you informed and finding the best solutions for any hiccups that might come up.

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